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A Book About Tara (book recommendation and review) /// Knjiga o Tari, Zdenko Lešić (ogled i preporuka knjige)

What kind of novel is it? I would describe it as a profound philosophical and autobiographical novel, written in a post-modernist style. Its author is a well-known Croatian University professor who has written numerous academic works, papers and books on the subject of literature. This unique book is skilfully (or skillfully if you prefer American English spelling) , beautifully and eloquently written. There are several leitmotifs that are  masterfully explored, becoming an essential part of the narrative, for example the subject of memory. It just dawned of me that this very novel might have been what inspired my recent meditations upon memories ( here ). You see, I took my time with reading this one.  It was an emotional read, as well as an intellectual one.  You don’t come across a book that balances both well often. Today I finished reading this one and my final conclusion is: this novel is perfect in every way. Kakav je ovo roman? Ja bih ga opisala kao složeni filozofski i au