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Close-ups and voices from inside/ Kadrovi izbliza i glasovi iznutra

Often we are so terrified of the fact we don't have answers that we tend to oversimplify everything. However, the truth is that there is no escape from the complexity of life. This world we live in is dreadfully challenging to comprehend and to make matters worse it is ever changing. Proposing that we understand and know just about everything is like believing we can collect sand with our hands. As desperately as we clutch our fists, it is a doomed attempt.  Sadly, we often try to do just that....try to assure ourselves that we have a good grasps on things, that we have learned much of what is there to learn. Why do we do this? Probably out of fear. It is frightening to admit that we don't know something and it gets scarier as one gets older. It is so much easier to think we more or less know where we are and what to do. It is much more easier to think of life in a linear way. How tempting it is to assume life is a steady road we are taking and the more advanced in years w