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Macbeth (First outfit of the year/ Prva odjevna kombinacija godine)

Why is it that today of all days, I had this urge to pick up Macbeth again? Perhaps to fight off my superstition. Not about the play itself, I'm not inside of a theatre (nor was I when these photos were taken) so the famous Macbeth course doesn't apply here. You, the reader of this blog, are probably not inside of a theatre either, but if you are, I leave it to you to decide will you or not believe in the Scottish curse. No it is not about Macbeth, my superstition hasn't anything to do with this play. What is it about then? I suppose that one can find explanation for everything, if one thinks long enough. I think I understand why I had the need to pick up this play after all. To reminded myself that not all is set in stone. To remind myself that fate is what we make of it. Some might say- but isn't Macbeth about how our fate is determined? Well, that is one way of reading it. Not my way. I believe that the personal tragedy of Macbeth was avoidable. I believe we alway