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Spring is here...(ethno village Herceg) / Proljeće je tu...(etno selo Herceg)

Recently I've shared another outfit in which I was wearing this leather jacket and on that occasion ( here ), I told you a story about how I ended up with this vintage jacket (probably not the first time I talked about it on this blog either). Anyhow, having thought about this outfit that I'm sharing today, I realized that is a lot similar to two outfits I wore in the past ( here and here ). Very similar actually but I don't mind. The moral of the story? If something works, don't touch it. I happen to like the combination of this leather jacket with this skirt. So, I wear it repeatedly. I only change some items (shoes, bags and top) and I'm good to go. If a pair of jeans and a leather jacket can be someone's "to go" look, why mine couldn't be this skirt and jacket?  Nedavno sam podijelila jednu drugu kombinaciju u kojoj sam nosila ovu kožnu jaknu i tada ( poveznica  na tu objavu) sam vam ispričala kako sam došla do ove vintage kožne jakne (