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Hello readers! How have you been? I'm feeling really under the weather these days. I know it's not the virus, because you have to get tested to cross the border. I did just that because I had to come to Croatia to take care of some things. At the moment I'm in Split city, Croatia and as some of you may know it's my hometown. What a beautiful and inspiring place Split city is, full of history and culture. I blogged about it many times, so I'm sure regular readers of my blog are quite familiar with it. Halfway through this post, I'll leave you with some links with my older posts in care you want to do some research. Apart from that, this will be another outfit post. My outfit was practical and all about being comfortable for a long walk.  A white tunics (with blue details) layered under a beige maxi skirt and black heeled ankle boots . Once again, I shopped my closet. We didn't exactly do sight-seeing, we were just taking care of some paper work. However, w