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Hello readers. How are you? I hope you're doing well. Today just a quick post focusing on sustainable fashion. There are many ways you can be more sustainable in your fashion choices from shopping vintage or second hand to recycling your outfits and wearing your clothes as much as possible. Shopping your closet is perhaps the most economical way to be fashion sustainable as it doesn't cost you anything. Indeed, one of the ways you can reduce your carbon print is by avoiding fast fashion and excessive consumerism by wearing what is in your closet.  Today I'll show you plus thirty ways to wear a magenta coat. I'm sure I wore it even more than that, but these are the outfits I found browsing through my archives. I purchased this coat three years ago in a local store. It was made locally (I do try to support the local brands when I can). I already did a similar post devoted to this coat but then I was on less than 20 wears while now I'm on plus 30. One of the things I l