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Another necklace I made (outfit post)/ Još jedna oglica koju sam napravila (odjevna kombinacija)

This outfit feels so right for me. It's all vintage, with the exception of accessories. However, the accessories themselves are mostly DIY and that makes it even more me. I wanted a new pair of sunglasses but as I'm somewhat financially challenged at the moment, I just painted my old sunglasses with pink nail polish. The pink DIY hair pin you already saw in previous posts....and what kind of outfit post would be without another DIY necklace of mine?  All these photographs were taken last Thursday in a little Herzegovian village Medugorje that is visited by millions of people annually. This time there were many Italian groups and they seemed to have been celebrating something....or maybe they were  just in a good mood. In my next post, I'm taking you once again in the most featured (on my blog) ethno village (still under construction).  Ova odjevna kombinacioja kao da je stvorena za mene. Sva odjeća je vintage, a modni dodaci su većinom mojih ruku djelo. Željela sam