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 Happy 2nd of December! Today I shall share another Inspired by.... post.  As some of you know, this is a regular feature on my blog where I illustrate and recommend bloggers. This time I shall share two fashion sketches inspired by Vix from Vintage Vixen blog.  You can visit her blog here . To see the outfits that inspired these fashion drawings visit  here  and  here . The medium for both of these fashion sketches is coloured pencils on paper. They are done in a smaller sketchbook format. I've recently picked up one smaller sketchbook and assigned it for quicker illustrations and drawings. I've been doing a lot of sketching and illustrating lately.  MORE INSPIRED BY POSTS: INSPIRED BY SHANAZ AND MARISA (2020) INSPIRED BY FASHION BLOGGERS 2016 INSPIRED BY SELVAGGIA AND PAOLA 2019 INSPIRED BY MELODY JACOBS 2018 INSPIRED BY NATALIA  2018 INSPIRED BY JODIE'S TOUCH OF STYLE 2018 INSPIRED BY JESSICA 2018 INSPIRED BY TIJANA 2018 INSPIRED BY 2017 EDITION  INSPIRED BY 2016 EDITIO