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Two dresses/ Dvije haljine

It was raining when these photographs were taken and the weather was rather gloomy, but I didn't mind. Can you guess why? Recently I've talked about my love for patterns and prints. Well, I'm feeling quite happy right now because I received two dresses from dresslink . Both of them are exactly my cup of tea. It feels so nice to slip into a cute dress. It always make me feel more feminine and lady like. That would be all for today. Have a great weekend! P.S If you are looking for a good deal, you can find items for 0.01 dollars here  and you can browse free shipping items here  (but keep in mind you will have to buy something at regular price to be able to take advantage of this and order items for 0.01 dollar) Kišilo je kada su ove fotografije uslikane i vrijeme je bilo poprilično sumorno, ali nije me bilo briga. Možete li pogoditi zašto? Nedavno sam pričala o svojoj ljubavi prema uzorcima. Danas sam poprilično sretna jer sam dobila dvije haljine od dresslinka. Obje