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How are you doing? Are you wondering about how to create a feminine styling for spring? It's all about layering, I'd say. My outfit proposal of the day is all about keeping it chic and elegant. Here I paired a navy velvet turtleneck with a flared sleeve blouse. That way I was warm enough, but I still got the spring vibes I was looking for. Sometimes a light blazer or a blouse is enough if we layer well (i.e. wear a warm top underneath). Playing with clothes and layers can be a lot of fun, especially for spring. Speaking of spring vibes, I also opted for a striped skirt that fits the navy theme quite well. This spring I'm feeling the navy vibes, what can I say? This time I also remembered to use accessories to break down the dark tone a bit. I wore golden pearl hair pins and statements earrings and I even added a gold belt. I do like the metallic trend. Accessories are a great way to make our look more playful. You know what they say, accessories can make or break an outfit


Hello there! How are you doing? Have you ever wondered what a lace front wig really means or how to adjust a wig? Today we'll talk about all of that.  I'll also be introducing Wiggins hair site to you. This site offer you a wide variety of natural hair wigs in different colours and textures to choose from. They even offer customization of the colour and EOM services. If you wonder what EOM is (I know I did), it is an acronym that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. As I understand, ordering EOM is a more affordable way to buy things because you skip the retail shops and order directly from an online site.  Now, I can't talk about this site from the perspective of a customer because I have yet to try their products. Some of just haven't tapped into the whole wig experience yet, so this post will be mostly about what I learned about this subject.  As far as I remember, I always liked my hair (well maybe not in the first grade when kids made fun of me because