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Fashion illustration of the day ( pencil skirt) / Modna ilustracija dana (suknja olovka kroja)

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. I'm a bit late with my replies, but it is not my fault, I have had a terrible headache, better to say migrane that lasted for a whole week. It had been a difficult week and I hope I will manage to get some rest this weekend. Speaking of my last post, some of you misunderstood what I wrote about that painting of church and the school. I wrote that it was a gift FOR a friend, not FROM a friend. I painted that oil painting myself two years ago, back in 2014 and I gave it to a family friend, not the other way around. In fact, I posted about that painting earlier here , but I decided to repost it because it was relevant to the location I wrote about in my last post. Today I'm only going to share only one fashion illustration with you. The medium is coloured pencils on paper.  This illustration is an Autumn one. Indeed, I don't think it is to early to start talking about Autumn. Today I have one clothing item in mind.