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What to wear when it is sunny but windy? Što nositi kada je sunčano, ali vjetrovito?

Officially, Spring is in full swing. Off the record, the weather isn't completely predictable. What to wear when it is sunny but windy? Layering seems to be the popular opinion. Not without reason for it makes perfect sense. The more layers we wear, the more we can take off. When it is windy but sunny we need to think about the kind of clothes that will protect us from the wind, but at the same time the material we choose to wear shouldn't be too thick. On that particular windy but sunny day, I was wearing a silk blouse, an embroidered vest and a faux leather jacket on top. I think that a faux leather jacket is always a  good solution for this type of weather. I've been wearing mine a lot this month. Another item I found myself reaching for is this vest with DIY embroidery.  I'm a big fan of embroidery. I've been doing embroidery for years (read about it  here ). The location for the photographs was Metkovich city in Croatia. At a risk of sounding like a broken rec