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DIY---painting and writing on clothes / uradi sam--kako crtati i pisati na odjeći?

"wings" painted on a coat ...and this is how you can use textile colours...just take a brush and apply them on clothes. jeans that I have painted little circles on... outfit 1 jeans that I have painted little circles on outfit 2 just a few of my DIY projects with textile colours writing down some lyrics from one of my fav songs "Maria" by Blondie I often do these kinds of DIY and paint on clothes. Using these kinds of fabric paints (the ones that you can apply on with a brush) is a very creative process because you can paint on whatever you want. The whole process is fairly simple, the only thing you might want to do is to take care that the pain doesn't get where it shouldn't. Just put something under the clothes before you start to paint on it. I have selected just a few DIY for today, because really there are so many of them and I have posted about most of them anyhow.   Često slikam po odjeći, korištenje ovakvih boja (koje se