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How I learned to love Winter? / Kako sam zavoljela zimu?

Late Autumn. The days are getting colder. Finally, it feels like real Autumn, some might say (those that enjoy the colder weather). I would say that it is starting to feel more like Winter. The days are getting shorter albeit not for long. The weather is colder (generally speaking, I know there are parts of world where it isn't so but here it is). We still have a week or so before the official start of Winter ( 21 th of  December) but it seems to me that most of us already feel that the Winter has arrived. Even those who live in warm climates feel it. I think that Christmas and holiday season in general contribute to this. Personally, as soon as I start seeing holiday decorations, I'm starting to feel like Winter is here. Not that I’m complaining. I used to be that girl that doesn’t like Winter. Autumn was alright, but Winter was just something to get over with. I don’t feel that way anyway. I’m looking forward to Winter.  Especially to those sunny Winter days. I’m a big fan