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Hello readers! Today just a quick post to wish you a happy Easter and share some of my new floral portrait art . I will also share some Easter relevant links.  I wrote about sustainable Easter celebrations and natural egg dyes in the past, so I will link up some old posts in case you're looking for last minute Easter decor idea. I will share a post about a new egg dying method I tried out tomorrow. I wish you all a lovely Easter weekend.  available here Have a blessed Sunday everyone and happy Easter to those who celebrate it! available here HAPPY EASTER 2020 TIPS FOR A MORE SUSTAINABLE EASTER CELEBRATION 2019 EGGS COLOURED IN RED WINE HOW TO DYE EGGS IN ONION PEELS?  A PHOTOGRAPH ORIGINALLY POSTED IN THIS  POST HOW TO FIND A PERFECT EASTER OUTFIT? DECOUPAGE AND WINE DYED EASTER EGGS  Thank you for stopping by. Take care!