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Hello and welcome to ninth edition of TRAVEL WITH MY ART series. Guess what! Today we will (re) visit a destination I have already illustrated: bay Mala Stiniva on island Hvar. Can you blame me for wanting to paint this magnificent bay again? I don't think you can. This little bay is so inspiring that I might paint it all over again. I mean there are many beautiful bays and beaches on island Hvar, but this one truly took my breath away. Something about the blueness of the sea water against the whiteness of cliffs really took my breath away. Those high cliffs almost look like they were carved by human hand. A cousin of mine told me that the views are even more magnificent when you sail into this little bay. I can only imagine how it must feel to sail into Mala Stiniva bay by a boat or a yacht. We didn't sail into it, rather we used our feet but we were mesmerized all the same. Scroll down to see and read more.  I will never forget the first time I had visited bay Mala Stiniva.