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My pick: 13 Outfits of the Year 2013 (bloggers)---Happy New Year! Meni najdraže odjevne kombinacije 2013 u blogosferi...Sretna Nova godina svima!

 Happy New Year everyone! Now is the time of the lists. Every fashion magazine is making one so why shouldn't I? I've decided to look for what has inspired me in the world of fashion bloggers. Not to overload your visual perception with an infinite number of photographs, I've decided to limit myself to 13 looks to represent the year 2013 (and to make it easier for myself because there are so many outfits that I like). In addition, I choose daytime looks,  some are a little more dressed up, some more casual, but they are what I would call "real outfits", something you could actually wear. When it comes to fashion blogs, I like both the everyday looks and the more unusual (theatrical) ones but for this little reflection of the year that is soon to leave us, I chose the former. Fashion bloggers are usually more about a representation of the street fashion then couture one. Odlučila sam napraviti mali sažetak odjevnih kombinacija koje su mi se posebno svidjele pro