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Autumn magic / Jesenska čarolija

Autumn magic always appears when you least expect it but sometimes there is joy in being caught off guard. A pleasent suprise is always welcome. So, why not pleasently suprise yourself ? Last minute picnic and perfect weather. An hour of blissful peace. It is Autumn. We do our best to adjust to it. Nature seems to take this change of season gracefully, so we try our best to mimic its strategies. We layer out outfits trying to keep up with the weather changes...and often we have a lot of fun in the process. Autumn is a good time to remember that change can be a good thing...and that trying to control everything kills the joy in living. Make the most of every moment because you might not get that second change. Life is not always fair, nor does hard work pays off in the way people assume they do. People get easily discouraged if they don't experienece success in the traditional (i.e. material) sense of the word. Hard work has its benefits. Doing the right thing gives us a feelin