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Mostar (What I wore today...... / Što sam danas nosila.......)

I could talk fashion, but really Mostar is the star of this post. Yes, this outfit feels right, I'm wearing my new leggings  ( available here ) that are an imitation of skinny jeans, but there is something else I want to talk about. So, let's talk about it, let's talk Mostar. I love this city. I don't think I will ever feel completely at home here, but perhaps that is what I love about it. This city always suprises me. Take today for example....My dear photographer took me here. It was not my first visit, but the view mersmerized me. The golden sunlight, the hills, the mountains and the city below....It was pure magic.  It was hard selecting only a handful of photographs to share with you, but I didn't want to overdo it. Sometimes less is more.                                                                                                                                                       Mogla bi pričati o modi, ali zapravo je Mostar zvijezda ove objave.

Fashion illustration of the day (black coat, red hair) / Modna ilustracija dana (crni kaput, crvena kosa)

my fashion illustration moja modna ilustracija POST UPDATE 2024 MORE OF MY FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS Let's TALK illustration.  Sometimes I illustrate items that I actually wear. Sometimes I illustrate my own outfits.  Sometimes I illustrate other bloggers.  I HAVE ILLUSTRATED THIS LEATHER JACKET TWICE!   HERE  &  HERE  Browsing my archives I realized that I have illustrated this leather jacket at least twice before. Moreover, counting the post today I have illustrated this pair of high brown boots four times! Is it me or am I starting to wear the items I have illustrated more often? Do you think that's possible? Perhaps illustrating them creates a sort of  visual fashion memento in my head.   SHOULD YOU USE A REFERENCE WHEN PRACTICING FASHION ILLUSTRATION? Is reference important? Should I drew with a reference or from imagination? My answer would be that you should do both. When I wrote abou

What I wore today in Mostar (two oufits) / Što sam danas nosila u Mostaru (dvije kombinacije)

Hello everyone! How are you? Yesterday, I received a new package from CNdirect . Today I'm showing you two outfits featuring some of the items I got.  Both of these outfits I wore earlier today. I ordered two dresses in size XL( here and here ) and I'm quite happy with them. Lately, I've been into oversized everything. In addition, I think this long cardi ( here ) was a good choice with both of the dresses. A women can't have enough of long cardigans! I find them to be quite practical and versatile. Plus, cardigans look great paired with dresses and jeans. What do you think about my outfits? Zdravo svima! Kako ste? Jučer sam dobila novi paket od CNdirect stranice i danas ću vam pokazati dvije odjevne kombinacije s nekim od odjevnih komada koje sam dobila. Obje kombinacije sam nosila danas. Ove dvije haljine sam naručila u XL veličini i dosta sam zadovoljna s njima. U zadnje vrijeme sviđaju mi se stvari za broj veće. Mislim da je ovaj dugi kardigan bio dobar izbor u

Travelling is a state of mind / Putovanje je stanje svijesti

Sometimes travelling is a state of mind. You can always play the tourist in the city you happen to live I do often in Split and Mostar. The desire to explore, to see new things, to discover is not something that can be bought. One can always in mind, travel in time, travel in your own home town....Never understimate the power of a long walk. It does wonders for one's body and it is just as good for the mind and the soul.  Ponekad je putovanje stanje svijesti. Uvijek možete glumiti turista u gradu u kojem živite, kao što ja to često činim u Splitu i u Mostaru. Želja za istraživanjem, za viđenjem novog, za okrivanjem je nešto što se ne može kupiti. Uvijek se može putovati, putovati umom, putovati u vremenu, putovati u vlastitom gradu....Nemojte nikad podcjenjivati dugu šetnju. Čini čuda za tijelo i jednako je dobra za um i dušu. long cardi/ dugi kardigan: no name shirt/ košulja: no name pants/ hlače: Uzor  (+ I painted them myself/ sama sam ih os