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Early Autumn : What To Wear? Autumn (Fall) Outfit Ideas

The Autumn has arrived, but if you happen to live in the Mediterranean area, the chances are you're still dressing for transitional weather. Today I'll share some outfit ideas for those tricky Autumn days when the weather is a bit on the unpredictable side. You know when it's still sunny but it's also windy and the weather might turn any second. The solution to this problem is often clever layering, but one needs to pay attention to materials as well. First I'm going to share a folklore inspired outfit with you. I do love folklore items (authentic or inspired) and I'm always trying to incorporate them in my outfits. Autumn is a great time to rock folklore inspired outfits.  A FOLKLORE INSPIRED OUTFIT  When it doubt, go with basics.  There is something fresh about the combination of white with denim. A white shirt is something we should all have in our closets. Likewise,   a  good pair of jeans always goes a long way. My husband is always telling me I sh