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Slavic mythology (outfit post)/ Slavenska mitologija (odjevna kombinacija)

I've come to the conclusion that you can dress down pretty much anything with a denim vest! For example this metallic gold(ish) dress...with a little denim it is easily transformed into a casual outfit...pair it with comfy leather shoes...and you're all set. I've bought this denim vest few years ago and did a little DIY (flowers embroidery) on it and I must say, I have found it to be very practical.   According to original Slavic religion, the soul of a dead person would find its resting place in a tree. Perhaps that explains why I like trees. However, if the soul was cursed or wicked, the tree would refuse to take it in...and the god of the underground (not a nice guy) would claim it. There was another way out...if you were a brave warrior, the fighting fairies (vile bojovnice) would take you to live with the Gods...and if that sounds similar to the Scandinavian mythology, it is because it is - very similar. In fact I'm often amazed at how similar the  mythol