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Sights to see, places to visit / Znamenitosti za vidjeti, mjesta za posjetiti

 Time for another feature of Sights to see, places to visit . I've started this series because I wanted to share places that are dear to me with my readers. I wasn't sure should I include this post in the series, because I often took you to Buna river with me. However, some of you might be new visitors/readers on my blog. In addition, some of you might need a reminder why you shouldn't miss visiting this place. Well, take for the example photograph two and three, that is a river bird and a river snake. I've captured both despite the fact that my last visit was a short one. Futhermore, I photographed some really rare birds here previously and let me tell you I wasn't even trying that hard. Most of the time when I visit Buna, I'm here for two hours maximum because I use it as 'have a moment and breathe place'. It is situated near Mostar, so it is really easy for me to get here. In fact, the two of us have been known to just drive here while it is rainin