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 Hello readers! Today we're continuing with Travel With My Art series (see my last post in this category here ).  I'm sharing a watercolour sketch of a ship with you. I sketched this one while sipping coffee at Kalafatic restaurant  (#notsponsored) in Split. Zenta marine is one of my favourite places in Split city. That probably doesn't come as a surprise to you. Not just because I blogged about it quite a few times, but because boats are such a frequent motif in my painting. So, obviously Zenta is a perfect place to look for inspiration. Scroll bellow to see some art collages, photographs of my previous visits and work in progress shots.  MY PREVIOUS VISITS TO ZENTA, SPLIT:  Bellow are some of my previous posts shot at Zenta, Split city  SUMMER STYLING FOR A SUNSET IN SPLIT CITY WINTER VISIT TO ZENTA, SPLIT CITY SEA THERAPHY AT ZENTA MARINE, SPLIT SPLIT CITY IN AUTUMN ICECREAM AT ZENTA MARINE, SPLIT THE SEA LADY, OUTFIT POST AT ZENTA HOW TO FIND BEST PHOTO WORTHY LOCATIONS