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Izložba slika Salka M. Peze / A painting exhibition : Salko M. Pezo

I have no intention of pretending to be an art critic but I do visit exhibitions when I have a chance. After visiting this exhibition I decided to google this painter and read a little bit about him. One of the art critic said that this exhibition (and the paintings you have the opportunity to see) is of confessional character and doesn't try to communicate with the viewer, whatever that meant. I'm not sure I have understood what this art critic was trying to say. However, what I really liked is what the painter has said himself and I quote him :  " If the painting doesn't have the research element in itself, it is in danger of stagnating. The creative force must come in the open, and in some kind of desire, but also in the explosion of colours and characters, a new exhibition has been born..."   Well, that was nicely said, wouldn't you agree? As for my personal impressions, I liked these paintings so much that I had to take photos of them. Sometimes carryin

DIY - Christmas jar/ Uradi sam- božična tegla

all you need for this DIY is a napkin (with a Christmas motive) and some glue./ sve što vam treba je salveta sa božičnim motivom i malo ljepila.