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outfit post/ odjevna objava

'Yes, alone we are, deeply alone, and always in store for us, a layer of loneliness even deeper. There is nothing we can do to dispose of that. No, loneliness shouldn't surprise us, as astonishing to experience as it may be. You can try turning yourself inside out, but all you are then is inside out and lonely instead of inside in and lonely.' Philip Roth, American Pastoral
" Da, mi smo sami, istinski sami i uvijek je ono što nas čeka  sloj usamljenosti još dublji. Ništa ne možemo učiniti da bi se toga riješili. Ne, usamljenost nas ne bih trebala čuditi koliko god zapanjujuće to iskustvo može biti. Možeš se pokušati preokrenuti iznutra vani, ali onda je sve si preokrenut iznutra vani i usamljen umjesto okrenut unutra i usamljen. Philip Roth, Američka Pastorala
I didn't expect a novel by Philip Roth to be so hearth-breaking. There is something more to this novel that just his ferocious drive to get at the bottom of things and his evident talent as a novelist, some…