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Blue (outfit post)/ Plavo (odjevna kombinacija)

Amos Oz said that when he was a child he didn't aspire to be a writer, he wanted to be a book. (books seemed to him less fragile than us humans, he said something in that sense.) I, on the other hand, could say that I wanted to a story. Stories always fascinated me, written down or told, it didn't seem to matter...I think that might just well explain my fascination with vintage clothes. I love the stories that come with them. Sometimes, you don't know the story, as when you buy clothes at a second hand or vintage shop, but the story is nevertheless there. I think that there sense of history is what makes vintages clothes so attractive. I've always been fascinated with history, which in some sense can also be seen as a story. A story about things that have passed. The history of fashion is indeed very interesting. I remember reading one book about it and was surprised to see that in the time of ancient Egyptians female formal attire meant going topless.  Imag