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 With so many people in lockdown and unable to travel, I thought it might be fun to do some art travel. I will take you places with my paintings and art. Maybe it will even become a regular feature on my blog. This is a painting I made more than a year ago but I haven't posted it before. It depicts a beach scene in Palermo, Sicily. As in many of my paintings, the attention is on traditional fishing boats. A very long time ago, I lived and worked on this magical island. Maybe I will write more about it some day. Today post will be short because I'm really low on energy. My iron levels are always low but right now they are lower then usual and I'm feeling it. Scroll down to see the progress and the details.  SICILIA, PALERMO-DETAILS I made this painting based on a photograph a friend sent to me while he was visiting Sicily. If I remember correctly, the photograph was taken somewhere in Palermo. The medium is acrylics on cardboard. More specifically, I painted this landscape o