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Not that pink dress again (outfit post) Ne ponovo ta roza haljina ( odjevna objava)

Outfit details: headpin/ ukosnica: DIY/ ručni rad dress/ haljina: vintage, inherited from my mother / nasljeđena od majke bag/ torba: hand made by my late grandomother/ ručni rad pokojne bake scarf worn as belt/  Rubac nošen kao remen : Avon shoes/cipele: Peko Yes, I'm wearing this vintage pink dress once again! This time with a scarf worn as belt. Like that was not colourful enough, there is also this wonderful folklore Croatian bag. I decided to wear my new Peko shoes because I wanted to check whether they can be worn without tights (as one does in Summer)....and I'm happy to announce they've passed the test! I plan to wear them this Summer. That's going to be all, folks. I won't write much today, because yesterday I attended a wedding...and if you don't understand why I'm so tired, you probably never attendad a Slavic wedding....and no, this was not my wedding outfit. I'll show you that some other time. Da, p