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 Hello! This is the second part of my travelogue focusing on Croatian town Omiš located in Dalmatia region. We stopped in Omiš at the end of the last year, following my appointment with a specialist in Split's hospital. We ended up having such a lovely time. The historical part of Omiš city is full of sights to see and enjoy, even if you don't have much time. I can't wait to visit Omiš town again.  Zdravo! Ovo je drugi dio mog putopisa koji se fokusira na hrvatski grad Omiš koji se nalazi u Dalmaciji. U Omišu smo stali krajem prošle godine, nakon mog pregleda kod specijaliste u splitskoj bolnici. Na kraju smo se tako lijepo proveli. Povijesni dio grada Omiša prepun je znamenitosti koje možete vidjeti i uživati, čak i ako nemate puno vremena. Jedva čekam ponovno posjetiti grad Omiš. THINGS TO SEE IN OMIŠ IN A DAY While walking, we came across a house with a sign 'the house of a happy man'. In Croatia, you will sometimes find signs on historical houses and palaces. Af


Today I'll share a travel post about the stunning Omiš city with you. We visited Omiš  town a few months ago on our way back from Split. I've been meaning to put this post together ever since, but you know how it is. Travelogues take time to write  and I wanted to do this beautiful historical town justice. I have finally managed to find time this weekend, so now I'm very excited to give you  a digital tour of Omiš town. You know that I love blogging about Croatia. This is especially the case when it comes to the region I'm from- that is Dalmatia. I've repeatedly blogged about quite a few Dalmatian cities in the past. Now, Omiš is one of the most gorgeous Dalmatian cities for sure so I'm glad for this chance to present it to you.  What makes Omiš so special? Is it the joining of the river Cetina that flows into the sea? Is it the meeting of the canyon with the sea? Is it the historical part of the town?  Is it the beaches and the sea, the panorama of the islands?