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Is blue the colour of forgiveness? (a blue dress and a green scarf) / Je li plava boja zaborava? ( plava haljina i zeleni rubac)

Colours. Patterns. Summer. Funny how it always comes down to Summer. Sure, I like wearing patters and bold colours all year long, but bold colours sure do look more cool with a bit of tan. The same seems to apply for pastel colours as well. Or do I simply like the tanned look? At any rate, colours  and patters are two things make me extremely happy. They can turn even a simple summer outfit into something that feels interesting and fun. Scarves are one of my favourite accessories.  Perhaps because they're a great way to infuse a bit of colour and pattern into any outfit? This dress originally came with a black bow. I liked it, but I like tieing a colourful scarf in the place of that bow even more. Customizing clothes is always a lot of fun. Do you like customizing clothes? I sure do. Blue dress. Blue is the colour of forgiveness and forgetting, or so one of the characters from Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King claims. I liked this colour symbolism, but I must be honest and say I

Cherry dress and cat ears / haljna s uzorkom trešnje i mačje uši (Potoci, Bijelo polje, Mostar, BIH)

One of the things that I love about Mostar is that are so many amazing locations nearby. Take for example Potoci (literally translated it means Streams), a little village in vicinity of Mostar. It is such a lovely place to go for a stroll and breathe in some fresh and unpolutted air.  Last time I posted about Potoci, Bijelo polje near Mostar ( here ), some of you asked me about the church you could see in the background. So, today I'll be showing you a closer view of this church and its surroundings. All of these images were taken in front of the church of The Most Holy Heart of Jesus in Potoci, Bijelo polje (Bosnia and Herzegovina).  Now, about the outfit. The hair decoration in my hair is DIY. You had the change of seeing it on my blog here  , here  and here  but in those post I wore it as a necklace.  I got this dress from dresslink ages ago and I'm still not bored of it. I must be a sucker for cherry print. Have a nice day everyone! Jedna od stvari koje volim kod Mos