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Two novels, one play ( literary recommendations and an outfit post) / Dva romana, jedna drama ( književne preporuke i odjevna kombinacija)

Before I get into my book recomemndations of the day, I want to recommend to you a play titled T he Man Who Turned Into Sofa.  I have listented to it for the first time last night.  It is currently available for free and will be for next to two weeks. So, go ahead and  listen to this play on BBC (  LINK ). Don't miss it! Yesterday when I finished listening to it, I was all teary eyed. I can't say that it is a complete surprise because being a reader of Rosalind blog ( link ) for some time now, I'm familiar with her immense writing talent. What makes this play special is that is cowritten with her parents who are writers as well.  It is brilliantly writen and the production is exceptional. Narrated by the writers themselves (Andrew Fusek Peters, Polly Petters and Rosalind Jana Peters who potray themselves) and by Lorcan Cranitch who plays the sofa, accompanied by a wonderful selection of music, it is an emotionally profound and incredibly honest journey into depression.  As