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island Visovac, Croatia (travel post)/ otok Visovac, Hrvatska (putopis)

Island Visovac is a magical place, I don't know how to describe it it any other way. No wonder, for it is situated in national park Krka and has a long and interesting history. I really enjoyed my short stay there and felt very inspired by its serene environment. The national park Krka I have visited before, but this March was the first time that I have visited  this island. The way to get there is by a boat. In the season (spring and summer) there is a boat every hour or so and the fee isn't high (something like 10 euros I think).  We didn't have to pay anything, because it had been Sunday so the boat was taking the people to mass for free. On the island of Visovac a catholic monastery is settled. In fact, the whole island is the property of the catholic church. However, it is open to everyone( a lot of tourists visit it) and you don't have to be belong to any particular religion or be religious at all to appreciate its beauty. The origin of the mo