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Hi there! Today I'm taking you to Jelsa. If Croatia is your destination, island Hvar should be on your list. Once you get to island Hvar, don't forget to pay Jelsa a visit. Jelsa inspired not one, but SIX of my paintings! It's been one of the stars of Travel With My Art Series. I stopped this blog series because my art was stolen by AI (everyone's art is, really!) but if I ever decide to continue it, I'm sure Jelsa will make another appearance. I didn't stop painting and making art, I just stopped sharing it alone. I have actually been working on several commissioned painting. Maybe I'll start posting my art online again some day, but I'm still not decided. However, I'll share some of my old paintings of Jelsa in his post! TWO SEASCAPES INSPIRED BY JELSA !  Regular readers of my blog might remember that I used to live in Jelsa. I lived there back in 2019 & 2020. Let me tell you, I loved living in this little town on island Hvar. Well, technically