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Why is fashion often a dirty world? / Zašto je moda često prljava riječ?

Is fashion a dirty world? Why is it something that is not supposed to be debated among seriour or even decent people? Why it is not something that most of us would consider as a job choice? Is it because we think it is unapproachable or because we're kind of ashamed of wanting to work in fashion? Is there something wrong with liking fashion? Or why are we so often ashamed of our interest in fashion? If we admit that we like it, we often get this feeling of forbidden pleasure. Why is fashion often seen as a modern demon? Is there something that makes it fundamentally bad and wicked or is it all in our heads? Why do we demonize those working in fashion? Why do we assume they’re mean and shallow? Why do we find it so easy to believe that it is all about ‘mind games’ (as portrayed in Devil wears Prada) and less about work and talent? For if we are going to be honest, fashion is about work and talent. Do you really think that someone can last years working in an industry that is all