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I don't have an active twitter profile, so it is only today that I found out about the death of one of the kindest bloggers ever, Kay from Shoes & Glitter  blog (her Instagram here ).  She was killed in a traffic accident on 12th of December, so a bit more than a month ago. Some of you have probably already heard about it, but I only found out today through a blog post published on her blog but written by her partner. I still can't wrap my hand around the fact that she is gone. The news of Kay's death both saddened and shocked me. She was only 26. I only knew Kay through her blog ( I only learned her real name today), but her comments were always so genuine and personal, I feel like I got to know her a bit. It's been a pleasure to exchange comments with her over the few years she's been blogging. I feel bereaved. I regret the fact that we will never exchange messages again, that I will never read one of her reviews or her blogging tips.  Kay was honestly on