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Hello, there. Today I'll show you four Autumn outfits I wore. I think  they are a good representation of the kind of outfits I reach for when I'm in a hurry and want to be comfortable. Autumn is a great season in so many ways. Fashionwise, it leaves us with so many options. Layering is perhaps easiest in Autumn style, before it gets too cold. As easy as Autumn often feels in terms of getting dressed, sometimes I feel like making it even easier for myself so I choose cosy and comfortable outfits. What do you wear when you want to be comfortable? These four outfits I'm sharing today are a good representation of what I find comfortable. So, let's get started. *Links in this post will take you to Newchic website and are a part of a  collaboration.  OUTFIT #1- HOW TO STYLE A SUMMER DRESS IN AUTUMN? This outfit is my answer to wearing a summer dress in autumn. It's all about the layering. I also wore a jacket over this, but when these images were taken, it was still too h