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I don't have an active twitter profile, so it is only today that I found out about the death of one of the kindest bloggers ever, Kay from Shoes & Glitter blog (her Instagram here).  She was killed in a traffic accident on 12th of December, so a bit more than a month ago. Some of you have probably already heard about it, but I only found out today through a blog post published on her blog but written by her partner. I still can't wrap my hand around the fact that she is gone. The news of Kay's death both saddened and shocked me. She was only 26. I only knew Kay through her blog ( I only learned her real name today), but her comments were always so genuine and personal, I feel like I got to know her a bit. It's been a pleasure to exchange comments with her over the few years she's been blogging. I feel bereaved. I regret the fact that we will never exchange messages again, that I will never read one of her reviews or her blogging tips. 
Kay was honestly one of …


Hello lovelies! How are you? It's Friday and sometimes that means I do this thing called fashion illustration. I was planning to start a Fashion Illustration Friday thing,  but I guess I'm still not super regular about it. I do post my fashion illustrations pretty often, so yeah. I might be able to turn it into a regular feature some day. Speaking of Friday....  Are you happy it's Friday? One thing I love about Friday evening is that I always feel like I have so much time, you know, I feel like the whole weekend is ahead of me, while on Saturdays and Sundays I tend to panic a bit and feel like my weekend is ending sooner than I'd like it to. Does the same thing ever happen to you? 
Anyhow, as the title indicates today I'll talk a bit about fashion illustrations, more precisely about creating 3D dresses. How to create 3D dress effect in your fashion illustrations without actually drawing them? You can actually do it in a number of ways, using all kinds of materials…


Writing this post took forever, and not just because I'm not exactly sure how many books I read in 2018. I did try to keep a track on goodreads but sometimes I forget to add books that I'm reading there. I'd say that I probably read around 80 books last year, give or take a dozen. I do love to read, as readers of my blog might already know or suspect. Here comes a list of my last year favourites. The list is written in no particular order. The links are not affiliated ( I tried to join Amazon affiliate program in the past but they rejected me saying that my blog doesn't have enough views so yeah it's all regular links). In cases of classics the books are linked to sites such as Project Gutenberg or Oxford University where you can find free copies. In case of modern works, I linked them up to my own blog posts (when relevant), Wikipedia or the authors' sites. 

I had a pretty good reading year, I'd say. Some of the books I read I actually discovered in my ow…


Whether you're longing for spring to come asap or not, one thing is certain-  winter is not going  anywhere. The cold weather is not going to end up anytime soon, not in this part of the world. It's snowing in most of Europe and the weather is quite cold. What are we do to if not dress appropriately, and that means dress as warmly as possible? Not long ago I published a post about winter accessories that keep us warm. Today I'll be talking about one of them in particular and that would be the oversized scarf.  I've always loved big scarves and I have quite a few of them, some vintage, some I made myself. Lately, however it occurred to me that I should get one of those new trendy oversized ones, the kind that you can use as blanket. You know how much I love colour, right? Well, beige is no exception so I was happy to see it listed as one of the biggest trends this season. I picked up this beige oversized scarf for next to nothing in New Yorker. It's super cozy and …