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 Did you know that my wedding was a summer one? With my seventh wedding anniversary coming up, I decided to show you the dress I got married in. I want to share with you my wedding dress tips, i.e. what shopping for a wedding dress taught me. I'll tell you why I decided to get married in a Grecian style dress. Moreover, today we'll talk bridal fashion. I'll share my selection of a few weddings from   AWBridal® UK , a company that provides wedding dresses, accessories and decor. When this bridal store asked me to do a collaboration with them, I decided to select a few wedding dresses that are both elegant and comfortable to wear. If you are curious about this shop, you can read  aw bridal Review . Anyhow, if I were to have a wedding ceremony again (and I might renew my vows some day), I would definitely choose a wedding dress in the same style. Why? Well, because Grecian style dresses are among the most comfortable options out there. LINK LINK WEDDING DRESS TIPS-