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If you ever get the chance to visit Vrboska in summer, I strongly paying beach Soline a visit. Beach Soline is hands down one of the most beautiful beaches on island Hvar. We were lucky to swim there three times this summer (before it got too crowded for my taste). We thoroughly enjoyed our experience there. This beach is so beautiful! Plus, you don't have to restrict yourself to the beach itself. This whole area is gorgeous. There is plenty of natural shade (mostly in the form of pine trees) so if you're not a sun lover, you should still be able to enjoy it. There are also two beach bars to choose from (see this post for more information). WEARING: A DENIM SKIRT WITH DIY PATCHES  YELLOW TOP  , DRIVING LOAFERS VRBOSKA VILLAGE AND SOLINE BEACH ON ISLAND HVAR Vrboska is nicknamed Little Venice for a reason. This beautiful picturesque fishing village is a dream to stroll. I actually walked all the way from Jelsa on this particular day. I love that walk. It's about 6 km  long w