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What makes a dress perfect?

What makes a dress perfect? Is the cut? Is the feeling it gives to us? Is it the gift on increased confidence? Is it a sensation of feeling good in our skin? What is the important thing in choosing a dress? I suppose that the answer to that question will depend on the person asking the question. I would be curious to know what makes a dress perfect for you. Some people are more sentimental about clothes than others. For some ladies the perfect dress is the one they had and loved for a long time. For others, it is that brand new dress that seems to promise a new adventure. Both answers are perfectly valid in my opinion.Some women like to follow trends and there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you enjoy doing. Some women prefer dresses that were popular in other decades. Again, nothing wrong in having a passion for retro fashion.  Still, we can probably all agree that a perfect dress is one that simply said- feels right. Finding the right fit is important, but perhaps