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For the love of food....Za ljubav prema hrani....

Whenever I don't feel like myself, I always eat something and I feel better right away. I sometimes joke about that, but I don't think it is such a bad thing. We have started to see food as an enemy. Food is a part of life, so why not enjoy it? For me food is (apart from something to be enjoyed) is a way to express my creativity. I love trying out new recipes and inventing new dishes. Generally speaking, preparing food puts me in a good mood. Eating that food has the same effect- as I already explained. Today I'm sharing some cakes that I prepared in this month of love.  Love is a fascinating phenomenal isn't it? Often it takes all we got, but it makes us feel liberated and free. The right kind of love always enriches us. It gives us strength. Being bound to somebody actually sets our free. Why is that so? Perhaps because we're created to love. What do you think? I think that love never goes out of style. I believe that every month is a good month for love...

How to wear a leather jacket in a feminine way? Kako nositi kožnu jaknu na ženstven način?

 EN Does it ever happen to you that you overthink things? I've been doing that a lot lately, so today I'm going to try to slow down my thinking process a bit. While I was trying to decide what painting ti post about today, an idea came to my mind- why not do a simple outfit post instead? For the record, I still enjoy outfit posts, it is just that something other thins take over. You don't seem to mind that my blog has taken a turn towards my personal art, so all is good. Today I'll show you an outfit that is my answer to the question: 'How to wear a leather jacket in a feminine way?' However, let's get back to the topic of overthinking and worrying for a second. Why do we do it? Perhaps because it gives us a feeling that we're in control. Is it true? No, it's just an illusion. Overthinking doesn't solve anything. Often life just flies by and we realize that we didn't make the most out of what we had because we took it for granted. Ther