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A good pair of sneakers is worth gold...Dobar par tenisica zlata vrijedi.....

 A good pair if sneakers is worth gold, but so is a nice pair of jeans. There is something liberating about wearing capri jeans.  Theis pair of high-waist cropped jeans is one of the most comfortable ones I own. What is there not to love about capri jeans? You get to free and show a little leg but you don't have to worry whether it is too much. They're a wonderful choice for Spring when it is not warm enough to wear shorts but they also come in handy for those fresh summer days. Do you like capri jeans? I often choose them when I'm travelling, precisely because of that comfort factor. When these photographs were taken (about two weeks ago) I paired them with white sneakers and a turtleneck. P.S. If you're wondering why I have been absent for the last five days...long story short- no internet connection. Dobar par tenisica vrijedi zlata, a isto se može reći i za lijep par traperica. Ima nešto oslobađajuće u nošenju traperica carpi dužine. Ovaj par viskoga struka