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How To Style A Cherry Print Dress in Summer?

Recently I have written about different ways to style a summer dress (you can read that post here ), but truth be told, I'm not always that creative. Sometimes I want to simplify things and take it be easy. Sometimes I want to get ready in five minutes. When I feel like that, I tend to simply grab my favourite summer dress, a pair of  leather sandals and a cute bag. There is nothing new about this outfit, but sometimes you need to rely on your classics. Why not? Fashion isn't just about trying new things all the time, it's about finding joy in putting an outfit together! Fashion is also about wearing things you like and cherishing your favourite clothing items. That's my personal definition anyway. You've seen me wear this cherry print dress many many times. The bag and the sandals are spring purchases, but I've been wearing them non stop, so you must have seen them quite a few times as well. However, sometimes there is nothing wrong in relying on clothing item