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Illustration of the day ( A Girl With A Camera) / Ilustracija dana ( Djevojka s fotoaparatom)

It was a sunny day today.  I wore leggings, a sweater dress and high boots (just in case anyone is wondering, it is this exact outfit minus the long blazer). I cleaned the house and opened the widows. The air felt amazingly sweet. Why is everything always easier when it is sunny? I stopped by two libraries (yes, two libraries- why settle only for one?).  I borrowed an edition of Hemingway's short stories and a second book in Bartimaeus Sequence and I'm very much looking forward to reading both of them.  A day filled with sunshine and good vibes. Just what the doctor ordered.  Otherwise, life as usual. Lots of coffee (possibly too much). Lots of drawing (not nearly enough to end up with something I really like). Illustration after illustration after illustration...Today I finally remember to take photographs of this one. A blue eyed girl. A girl with a camera. Are you a person with a camera? Are you the one everyone asks to take a photo with? Do you enjoy photography?  if y