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today's outfit/današnje ruho:)

Don't let the cold get to you:) Winter is just as good season as any for having fun with clothes. Today I combined all the trends that I like lately: the basketball hat, belt on coat, layering and extremely comfy jeans:)

What every women should have in her closet? a very warm fake fur coat

shoes: dr. Martens, coat: vintage, jeans: Amadeus, shades: Chanel

On a sunny winter day.....Sunčanog zimskog dana....

 I've always loved braiding my hair. Now that braids (plaits) are trendy I have the prefect excuse to experiment with all kinds of hair styles that include braiding. This photos were taken a few years ago on a warm sunny day in Mostar (BiH). Oduvijek sam voljela uplitati kosu u pletenice, a sada kada su pletenice popularne imam savršenu izliku za eksperimentiranje s različitim stilovima pletenja pletenica. Fotografije su uslikane prije par godina na jedan sunčani zimski dan u Mostaru. Just because it si winter doesn't mean you should stop heaving fun! Wear a puffy warm jacket and go for a walk:)