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Asking the right kind of questions (it is time for a body perception talk) / Pitanje pravih pitanja (vrijeme je za priču o percepciji tijela)

Recently I wrote a post ( here ) where I explained why I initially hesitated to write about body perception but decided that I need to do it anyway. Yes, I was getting pretty tired of all that 'body' talk. I was getting tired of hearing how everyone finally managed to embrace their body. I was thinking, yes, that's great, but why I have to be hearing about it all the time? Why don't I ever hear stories about people who managed to increase their IQ? Why I don't hear stories about people who learned how to accept some personality traits of theirs? How they learned to embrace and understand people whose personality is different that theirs? Then I realized that I was wrong. I was wrong to ignore this subject. Because there is this burning issue with body perception and we can't just ignore it. It is something that is having a huge impact on everyone. That got me thinking. All those movements for body positive perception may actually be needed. On the other hand