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Maxi or a midi? Duga ili poluduga?

If you had to chose what would it be? Midi or a maxi? Mid length skirt or a maxi skirt? I like the mid length skirt because fashion-wise  it just feels like a breath of fresh air. It has been seen on a lot of runways, but I think its time is yet to come. Is it just me or do you feel a dose of vintage glam in a mid length skirt? Maxi  skirt on the other hand is so damn practical and there are so many ways one can wear it. I've seen a lot of amazing outfits featuring a maxi skirt, from glam to grunge, worn properly it can fit anyone's style.  Here are two outfits, so tell me which one do you like best. 1. Midi I wore this outfit for a walk with my sweetheart, but somehow we ended up in an exhibition of an amazing artist Florijan Mićković. As it was the opening night, I even had the pleasure of meeting the man.   Ovu sam odjevnu kombinaciju obukla za šetnju po gradu sa dragim, ali na kraju smo bili na otvorenju izložbe Florijana Mićkovića. Jako su mi se svid