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10 things I never ever imagined I would wear...

Today something different my friends. I've picked out a few outfits (or better to say items of clothing and fashion/style choices) that I would have never ever had imagined that I would wear (and do).

1. Cowboy hat.
Yup, this is the one that I didn't see coming. I could have never imagined myself wearing a cowboy hat. Period. Under any conditions...What can I say? Our tastes change with years...

2. Pink and red together (and purple?)...(and a blazer over a long cardigan!?)

Pink and red used to be a no-no for me...Today I wear these two colours together without thinking about it at all. In fact, I like to mix all kinds of colours together, especially the ones that I didn't used to. That's life, our sense of style changes...and yes...short blazer and a long cardigan? This is not what I believed layering should look like...but oh how my tastes have changed.

3. My brother's old denim shirt.
Well, I was never especially crazy about denim...Sure, I wore jeans like everyone…