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 Hello readers. I've had a rather difficult time with my health lately, but I'll try to post daily this week. Maybe this hobby will do me well. Today I managed to get out of bed  to take a few photographs of some of my recent portrait sketches. In this post, I'll share those watercolour pencil portrait sketches with you. The brand I'm using is Staedtler (neither sponsored nor affiliated). Watercolour pencils enable me to work quickly, so they are a good choice for watercolour portrait sketches. Portraits are not one of my strengths. That's why I've been trying to do more portrait sketches.  Practice makes it perfect, as they say. Unlike my landscape art, I still don't have a definite style when it comes to portraits, I expect it might take months or even years before I develop one. It's alright, I'm not in a hurry. Art is a subject as vast and mysterious as the universe, one could spend more than one life time exploring just one aspect of it. I'm