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Welcome to another Fashion Illustration Friday, a regular feature on my blog. Today I have a quick watercolour pencil sketch to share with you. I sketched this lady with a blue bob without a reference.  The medium for this illustration is watercolour pencils  ( Staedtler brand , #notsponsored )  Scroll down to see the work in progress.   Friday is time for Fashion illustrations! As you can see, I first sketched it watercolour pencils on mixed media paper from one of my sketchbooks and then I applied some water to it. The result is what you can see bellow. It is basically just a face and a hint of  a pinkish blouse (or perhaps a dress, who knows?). I uploaded this watercolour sketch to Paint 3D and created a little design on it. I didn't have much time so I just coloured on top on an existing fashion illustration. Some day I might elaborate on it more. Who knows maybe this blue bob lady will inspire some look? This isn't the first time I felt inspired to draw someone with a blue